Everything you want to know about Light Overlays

New to light overlays? Not sure where to start and how to apply them? You are in the right place.

I absolutely love light overlays, and how easily I can change the look of my pictures. My all-time faves are bokeh light overlays, both natural light and golden Christmas overlays. The truth is I could apply them to all of my pictures.
I can say that over shop you will find the biggest...

How to Install Adobe Lightroom Presets on Mobile Phone

In this quick tutorial, I will explain how to install Lightroom Mobile .DNG presets when you don't have CC subscription and how to Install Lightroom when you have CC membership and you like to apply presets on your mobile.

METHOD 1 - INSTALLING LIGHTROOM MOBILE. DNG FILES when you don’t have CC membership

1. Install the Lightroom CC app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or iTunes for...

Summer Sunshine Photo Overlays

So in love with the new overlays! Summer Sunshine Overlays pack is full of warm, sunny tones. This is my favourite Summer edit at this moment and I was looking to create something that will work great with both golden hour look and summery greens.

Summer Sunshine photoshop overlaysare super easy to apply. Each has been saved as a JPG's file on a black background, so after you place the overlay over...

How to use Photo Overlays the right way. Personal tips for using one of my fave Photoshop editing tools.

Whatever you like it or not Photo Overlays are here and it looks that they are going to stay here for long. There is a huge fan base of Photo Overlays users and you are probably one of them since you are visiting this blog. I'm sure that you met some photographers who are totally against the use of any additional editing tools.
You know what? Photo overlays are not only what growth of digital...

How to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scene in seconds.

If you wonder how to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scene this post is just for you.

I'm going to give you a few very short Photoshop tips. You will be able to change the colors of your pictures, add some leaves in just a few clicks with the help of quality Photoshop tools.

Summer into Fall Photoshop CC Recipe.

Changing season in Photoshop in just one click? 

Turning greens...

Shooting Through Blossom Overlays and Quick Tutorial

How beautiful is Spring! Not too long and we all can enjoy blossoming trees and meadows full of flowers. You know that we love all the floral overlays and painted effects. One more addition to our Shooting Through Overlays this month.

Shooting Through Blossom Overlayshas been created with all beautiful Spring portraits in mind. There are 50 overlays in this pack - both pink and white blossoming...

Tips for Shooting at Golden Hour

Each Summer I fell in love again with golden hour light. This warm, magical light all photographers are looking for it's hard to replicate. I love the softness of it, the glow, especially when shooting portraits.

This golden light can be found twice a day - an hour after sunrise (Blue Hour) and an hour before sunset.

In this post, I will share my personal tips for shooting at Golden Hour.

1. Know...

13 Tips to Improve your Photography Quickly

Whatever you are professional photographer or someone who just bought your first camera and enjoy being full time amateur, these tips should help you bring your photography skills to the next level.

  1. Shoot daily. That's it. Even few pictures or only one everyday.
  2. Take your camera everywhere.
  3. Find the good light. Try shooting in different time of the day learn what light is the best for you. Shoot in...

Shooting Through Glass Overlays and Quick Tutorial

If you are a fan of light effects, bokeh or prisms you will love this new Collection.

These overlays are 100% in-camera made. I used quality prisms and few glass pieces to create the best realistic effects. Hope you will enjoy this pack.
I absolutely love to apply them to portrait!

Please check few before/after photos. As always these overlays are very easy to apply. Each overlay can be easily...

Painted Sunflowers

Summertime means a busy time for any photographer. There are some beautiful new products in the shop to help you with editing.

This new Painted Sunflowers Overlays pack is perfect if you are shooting in a sunflower field and looking for a soft, hazy effect. Few before/after photos and our overlays in action. You will love how quick and easy you can apply them!

You might like to check our Painted...

Blue Cornflowers ~ What's New

I found this beautiful cornflower field by accident. It was huge and beautifully blue so I couldn't resist. New Cornflowers Photo Overlays and matching Digital Backgrounds is here.

There are ready to use photo overlays, design elements and 5 free digital backgrounds for you to enjoy. This is a perfect combination for any lovers of photo manipulation.

If you are not sure how to use Photo Overlays you...

5 Reasons You Should be Shooting in RAW

In this post, I will explain what is the RAW file and why you should be shooting in this format.

Let's start with a quick definition.

RAW is an uncompressed file format that captures all data recorded by the sensor of your camera. It's like negative in film photography, the RAW file is a negative in digital photography. 

When I first started shooting in RAW, it changed dramatically the quality of my...