Complete Guide to Falling Leaves Overlays

Everything you need to know about Falling Leaves Overlays. What are the leaf overlays, how to use them and where to find them. No matter if you are you new to photo overlays or you have tried to work with them before, this Complete Guide will answer all your questions!

What are they Falling Leaves Overlays ?

Falling leaves overlays or any other leaf overlays are simply time saving tools for any photographer who like to create unique, eye catching images.
All our leaf overlays are high quality images captured with camera, so each leaf is real. There is no brush work etc.  Most of the leaves are edited and ready to use in any software supporting layers - PS CC, PS C+, PSE, Gimp etc.

How to use Falling Leaves Overlays? 

Like with any overlay the whole trick is to just mix leaf overlay with the picture.
You can find quick tutorial about how to use them here.
Our leaf overlays are simply drag & drop overlays, most of the leaves has been saved on a transparent background, so you need simply place your leaf overlay over the picture layer and that's it.

Where to find perfect leaf overlays?

You might like to check our Hello Fall Collection. I'm pretty sure you will find there your perfect leaves. There are best selling Falling Leaves Overlays pack and newest, huge 100+ Painted Leaf Overlays.

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