Light & Airy Edits in Photoshop

Light & Airy Edits in Photoshop

Do you love light and airy style of editing? Ever wonder how to achieve this style without spending hours editing?

You are in the right place, but before we start let me tell you the most important thing - before you start editing you should shoot your light and airy photos first. Yes, the whole process is starting before you click the shutter button. So how to photograph for a light and airy photos and take your RAW's ready for post-processing?

1. Use the natural light and have a good amount of it. When shooting indoors look for a bright room with white walls and big windows. Avoid dark rooms and shadows. When shooting outside find the place when your subject and background are in even light or shade.

2. White wardrobe. Ask your customers to wear white or light pastel clothes, this will help you to brighten shadows on their faces and give you a very timeless look.

3. Shoot RAW. As always but especially with editing bright and airy style you will be able to fix shadows and highlights effortlessly. 

4. Shoot wide and at the low aperture. Try 3.5 or lower and give a softer, glowing look. It will make your background blurry and overall will help you with achieving bright, airy and clean look when editing.

5. Post Processing in Lightroom or Photoshop should concentrate on fixing highlights and shadows. So don’t be afraid to bring Highlights down and Shadows up instead of using Exposure slide.

6. Use PS Actions or LR Presets to help you through post-processing if you just starting out. You can also add some extra light effect with the help of photo overlays and remember there is no shame of using photo editing tools.

How to get beautiful light and airy edit in Photoshop?

1. Use Curves tool to get an instant light look, just create a new adjustment layer curve and drag it up till you are happy with the brightness.

2. Use Levels tool, to add brightness, soft contrast or haze.

3. Use Color balance if you are looking for more pastel colours to be added to your photo.

It seems easy but when you are editing many images or you just simply need to speed up your workflow and spend less time on your computer, the ready to use PS Actions might help.

We absolutely love our new Light & PS Actions pack and can't wait to use them more when editing Spring photos. You will find inside everything you need to get this dreamy, airy mood.

The Collection of Light & Airy PS Actions will turn your photos from RAW to amazing and all that in just a few clicks.

These actions will completely transform your images. Create a dreamy editorial look or soft pastel edits, enhance lights, brighten up shadows, correct contrast or add lovely pastel haze.

Light & Airy PS Actions are Compatible with PS Adobe CC.

There are 12 Light & Airy Fix PS Actions to help you get beautiful light & airy base effect.

  • Clean Edit Base
  • Light & Airy Clean Edit
  • Light & Airy Clean Edit Warm
  • Light & Airy Cool
  • Light & Airy Film Look
  • Brighten Shadows
  • Brighten Midtones
  • Brighten highlights
  • Soft Contrast
  • Brighten Contrast
  • Deep Contrast
  • Deep Midtones

There are 10 Light & Airy Pastel tones PS Actions:

  • White Blossom
  • Oh So Soft
  • Powder Blush
  • Bluebell
  • Lilac
  • Snowdrop
  • Blossom Pink
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Hazy Day
  • Pearl

Helpers PS Actions:

  • Soft Sunshine
  • Soft Vignette
  • Airy
  • Soft Grain
  • Noise Reduction
  • Soft Blur
  • Sharpen/Defog
  • Selective Sharpening
  • Resize for the web/FB

You can mix and match them and customize to your taste. Each action can be tweaked, each layer is fully customizable so you can change the opacity of the layers, brush off any part of the layer and make this pack work just for you. They will give you endless editing possibilities.

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