How to Have Light and Airy Photos 6 Tips for Photographers

How to Have Light and Airy Photos 6 Tips for Photographers

In today’s post, I will share a few tips for light and airy photos, how to get this look in the camera and make your RAW images ready for post-processing.

Light and airy photos seem more classic and timeless. This look is very popular in wedding photography. You can also find some beautiful examples of light and airy lifestyle photos and portraits.

How to photograph for a light and airy photos?

1. Use the natural light and have a good amount of it. When shooting indoors look for a bright room with white walls and big windows. Avoid dark rooms and shadows. When shooting outside find the place when your subject and background are in even light or shade.

2. White wardrobe. Ask your customers to wear white or light pastel clothes, this will help you to brighten shadows on their faces and give you a very timeless look.

3. Shoot RAW. As always but especially with editing bright and airy style you will be able to fix shadows and highlights effortlessly. For more reason why shoot use RAW please read this post here.

4. Shoot wide and at the low aperture. Try 3.5 or lower and give a softer, glowing look. It will make your background blurry and overall will help you with achieving bright, airy and clean look when editing.

5. Post Processing in Lightroom or Photoshop should concentrate on fixing highlights and shadows. So don’t be afraid to bring Highlights down and Shadows up instead of using Exposure slide.

6. Use PS Actions or LR Presets to help you through post-processing if you just starting out. You can also add some extra light effect with the help of photo overlays and remember there is no shame of using photo editing tools.

Do you like this style or you are rather into the darker and moody look?

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