Human - 7 Photography Project Ideas to Start this Summer

7 Photography Project Ideas to Start this Summer

One of the best ways to learn and improve your photography skills is by starting a photography project. Summer is a great time to start a photography project. We are shooting more, spending more time outdoors and it's easier to stay motivated and just keep going with the project. 

 7 Photography Project Ideas to Start this Summer.

  1. Project 365. This project is very popular at the start of the year. I've tried it twice and gave up around the 9th of January, twice. You can start this project at any time of the year, you just need to keep going for 365 days, shooting just one picture a day. We all have more energy in the Summer when the sun is shining, so the challenge should be easier.
  2.  52 Week Project. This is a weekly alternative to the 365-day project. You are shooting one picture per week, you can pick a theme or just go freestyle. You should just keep going for a whole year.
  3. 100 days of Summer. If two previous projects seem so overwhelming, this one should be for you. You can pick a theme or concentrate on one photography subject or the genre. Creating your photography memories over the Summer is so rewarding. I've tried this project years ago and I enjoy all the memories documented till now.
  4. A Day in Life Project. A fantastic way of capturing your everyday memories. You can pick one day or a few days over the Summer and just focus on all ordinary moments and all the little things we totally forgot in the day.
  5. ABC project. In this project, you are choosing a letter each day and photographing something starting with this letter. You can pick a word or a name. 
  6. One lens only. In this project, you are shooting with one lens only, for example, the whole Summer with a 50 mm lens.
  7. Self Portrait Project. This one is great if you are feeling that it's time to get in the photo. You can be creative with this one and shoot something really for yourself.

Whichever photography project you choose, remember to stay creative. Don't be afraid to shoot out of your comfort zone, try new techniques and stay inspired.

Have you tried any photography project before? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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