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Spring Floral Frame Overlays

Spring Floral Frame Overlays

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Transform your studio portrait photos into a dreamy Spring wonderland with our Spring Floral Frames overlays. This digital product features a collection of high-quality overlays that effortlessly add delicate blurred Spring branches to your photos.

The overlays are easy to apply, giving your photos a touch of enchantment and a timeless, ethereal quality. Enhance your creativity and achieve stunning results with these versatile overlays – a must-have for any photographer seeking a touch of floral magic in their digital toolkit. Instantly download and elevate your photography game!

What’s included?
30 floral frame photo overlays, PNG overlays in 300 dpi.
24 Spring branches for photographers who like to create their overlays - sakura pink blossom branches, white blossom branches, wisteria branches, yellow forsythia flower branches, and magnolia branches.

Please check additional previews and see more examples of these overlays in use.
Will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP).


You will need a basic knowledge of Photoshop CC or any other software or app supporting layers, to be able to apply these overlays to your photos.
You should know how the layers and blending modes work and how to use them.

Simply drag & drop the overlay over your picture layer, change the layer mode from Normal to Screen to hide the black color, play with different modes and opacity, and mix & match them to get new looks and tones!

Will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP).


This is a Digital Download and instant download listing.

You will receive a PDF file after the purchase with the download link info.
This is a huge pack of photo overlays - over 150MB so it can take time.
Please use your PS/MAC rather than downloading via a mobile device.


Any Personal use is ok.
Also, if you are a photographer or digital artist, you can use them as an add-on to your studio photography portraits.

Any commercial use is prohibited - NO for printed stationery, photography backdrops printed or digital, or any other type of online or offline business.
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