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Little Snowflake Christmas Golden Bokeh Photo Overlays

Little Snowflake Christmas Golden Bokeh Photo Overlays

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Little Snowflake Christmas Golden Bokeh Photo Overlays.

Add beautiful, made on camera Christmas bokeh Light effect to your photos and surprise your customers. These are a fantastic way to make your Christmas mini session unique.
They can be applied in any software supporting layers - Photoshop CS+, Photoshop Cc, Gimp and more.

You will find inside 25, high-quality Photo Overlays, saved in 300 dpi as a JPG's images. When applying don't forget to change the mode of the overlay from Normal to Screen and hide all the black background colours.
There are a mix of golden snowflakes shapes and classic golden bokeh. Please check additional previews before purchase.

Perfect for your studio shots or any on-location photos.
All our bokeh light overlays are real. Yes, all bokeh lights are captured with the camera.
There is no brushwork and we are not using stock images.

Bokeh Light overlays are perfect time-saving tools for each photographer who like to create eye-catching, unique, high-quality images.
If you care about safety during your session, using light overlays is the best way, especially when you are photographing the little ones.

You can mix & match the overlays to get even more unique looks, the possibilities are endless.

Personal Use/for Photographers.

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