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Easter Spring Floral Arch Digital Backdrops

Easter Spring Floral Arch Digital Backdrops

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Transform your composite photography projects with these stunning Easter Floral Arch Backdrops, featuring delicate pastel hues and intricate floral designs that evoke the spirit of renewal and rejuvenation.

🌼 Each backdrop showcases a whimsical array of Pastel Easter Eggs nestled among lush blooms, creating a picture-perfect scene for your photography compositions.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Floral Backdrops add a touch of rustic charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic and lending a cozy, inviting atmosphere to your images.

Whether you're a seasoned photographer or an aspiring creative enthusiast, our digital backdrops offer endless possibilities for crafting captivating compositions that tell a story of joy, hope, and the vibrant energy of springtime.

What's included?
12, Easter Spring Floral Arch Digital Backdrops, about 8064 × 5376 px each, each saved as a JPG file in 300 dpi.
Please check additional previews before purchasing.


You will need a basic knowledge of Photoshop CC or any other software or app supporting layers, to be able to use Digital Backdrops.
You should know how the layers and blending modes work how to use them, and how to the remove background tool work.

Info on how to use these backdrops in Photoshop CC is included in your download.


This is a digital download and instant download listing.


Any Personal use is ok.
Also, if you are a photographer or digital artist, you can use them as an add-on to your studio photography portraits.

Any commercial use is prohibited - NO for printed stationery, photography backdrops printed or digital, or any other type of online or offline business.
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