How to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scene in seconds.

How to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scene in seconds.

If you wonder how to turn your Summer pictures into beautiful, painted Autumn scene this post is just for you.
I'm going to give you a few very short Photoshop tips. You will be able to change the colors of your pictures, add some leaves in just a few clicks with the help of quality Photoshop tools.

Summer into Fall Photoshop CC Recipe.

Changing season in Photoshop in just one click? 

Turning greens into beautiful Autumnal tones? 

Why not!

 We created this fantastic Painted Autumn PS Actions pack so you can do it really quickly and it can be repeated over and over again.
These actions were created to minimally affect the skin tones and these are really one-click actions. You will find many beautiful tones in this pack - from very ''classic'', warm look to deep, cinematic and slightly matte finish. You can tweak each action, customize each layer or mix and match few.

If you are not familiar with PS Actions, how to Install them, we have Free Tutorial here.

Few more examples for you to see why I love this pack.

My fave action is ''Play All'' action. Usually, I open my image in Photoshop, play ''Play All Actions'' which apply all actions at once and pick my fave effect. I might slightly lower opacity of the action I picked and that is all. Sometimes I brush off this action from the skin of the subject. I like to use Creamy Brush action from this pack and Softly Painted action to give my image soft, kind of painterly look.

Painted Autumn PS Actions pack will work great with Fall colors you already have. Love how you can enhance all the warm and brown tones. You can see more examples here.

Adding Leaf Overlays in Photoshop CC.

created with Painted Autumn PS Actions ''Rowan'' action + leaf overlay from 100+ Painted Leaf pack
Adding leaf overlays and any other photo overlays are way more easy than you think. The trick is to just mix leaf overlay with the picture. All our leaf overlays are created with the real leaves, there is no brushwork and you can apply them following drag & drop method. There is  Free Complete Guide to Falling Leaves Overlays worth to check + Free Falling Leaves PS Tutorial Here.

If you are looking for a more Falling Leaves inspiration we have gorgeous examples for you here, here and here.

You might like to check my post about How to Use Photo Overlays the right way here.

For more Autumn inspired Photoshop Tools, click the link here.

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