How to Create Beautiful Fall Images in Photoshop CC + Freebie

It's September and already feels like Fall, at least in this part of the world. I spotted first falling leaves yesterday and put me fave woolly jumper for a morning walk with the dog. It's going to happen soon, the wonderful change of the seasons. 

I love Fall, always. There is no better scenery when you are a photographer. I can finally enjoy warm and brown colours when editing my photos and add as many falling leaf overlays as possible, without the feeling that something is too much.

Would you like to create beautiful Fall images, enhance colours, add falling leaves without spending long hours editing in Photoshop?

Check our Fall Free Photoshop Tutorials.
This is beautiful Fall Digital Background is our #freebiefriday this week. If you are not sure how to composite this kind of scene in Photoshop, our free Digital Background Tutorial might help.

March 08, 2020 — Kimla Designs


Chloé beaulne

Chloé beaulne said:

Thank you so much for this amazing gift !

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