6 Mobile Apps for Photographers

Today's post will be about my favorite photography apps.

I have to admit that I would not dare to edit the entire client session on the phone myself but I'm guilty of using iPhone when taking my family pictures. I also happen to edit RAWs in the same way, because it's faster and I do not have to sit on a computer for one or two photos.


6 Mobile Apps for Photographers

1. My favorite photography app is for sure Lightroom app and since there is a synchronization option with the Lightroom Classic this is the app I'm using the most. If you have an Adobe subscription you can use all your presets on your mobile as well, even when editing RAW's files.
You can use Lightroom app even if you don't have Adobe subscription, you won't be able to synchronize your app with Lightroom Classic, but the editing process is also very easy. You can create your own presets, save your settings and speed up whole editing workflow.
2.VSCO. I love this app mostly for the great filters but you can also edit ''by hand'', exposure, contrast, highlights or other basic settings. Many Instagram accounts, popular ones, are using this app for editing, check the #vsco #vscocam hashtags.
3. Color Story app is great if you like all the additional tools when editing - bokeh lights, textures or glitter.
4. Mextures app is probably the best app when you like to apply textures. Their collection is really good, you can apply the textures with the layers, kind of similar way you can do it in Photoshop. Try it and you will love this app.
5. UNUM. If you like Instagram and need help with creating beautiful, consistent Instagram this app will help you for sure. You will be able to see your feed and new photos before the upload to Instagram. Additional stats tools are also helpful. This app will help you schedule your post and with the paid subscription you will be able to know more about your followers.
6. Unfold app will help you create beautiful Instagram Stories. I love their templates, collages and fonts included in the app everything you need to make your stories trendy.
What is your fave photography app? Share your thoughts in the comments.
March 08, 2020 — Kimla

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