5 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers

Wonder how to create a passive income while being a photographer, live a creative life, do what you love and keep your income steady, even in slow times?
In this post, I will share my 5 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers. You will learn that booking a client or running a photography studio is one of many ways to earn living with your camera and your creative skills.
5 Passive Income Ideas for Photographers
1. Sell knowledge.
If you are ready to share your photography knowledge with the world and earn some extra cash with it you will be surprised how easy it can be. You can create an online workshop, editing classes, business courses, digital guides and sell them 24/7, over and over again. You can use your own website or use sites like Udemy or Skillshare. It will require some serious effort a the start for sure, but it has one of the best potential to keep the $$ coming your way. Knowledge is power, right?
2. Sell Stock images.
Are you familiar with Adobe Stock, Shutterstock? This is probably the most popular way to earn more with your camera, but again, don't expect great results overnight. You can sell stock images, product mockups or concentrate on book cover photography.
The most popular sites:
You can sell your images for Book Covers
3. Sell photography editing tools.
Creating resources for other photographers like PS Actions, LR Presets, Photo Overlays, Textures, Digital Backgrounds can be a great way to boost your photography income each month. You can sell all the tools on Etsy or create your own online Shop. Don't be fulled that all the sells will go your way the moment you open the shop. Creating something really unique is the most important part of selling editing tools. You will be also a marketing guru, social media influencer, blogger and photographer.
4. Sell photography Templates and photography branding resources.
There is a big market for this kind of photography products, still. You can sell album templates, social media templates, marketing templates for photographers, you name it. There is a place for logo designers and specialist in photography branding. 
Where to sell your products and services?
  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Fiverr
5.Become an Affiliate
If you are running a successful photography blog or have trusted tribe of Instagram followers this option might be for you. You can recommend photography products you are suing, apps, software, courses, workshops and that way earn some additional income every week. Most of big companies and sellers have affiliate programs you can join and share those products with your blog or social media audience.
These are just my passive income ideas and there are probably more. Have you got your way to create an extra income from your photography? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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