Spring - 30 Summer Mini - Session Ideas for Child Photographers

30 Summer Mini - Session Ideas for Child Photographers

Mini Sessions are a great way to build your customer base. 

What is a mini session? Normally, photography sessions can take at least an hour or longer, can include multiple location and outfit changes, and can produce hundreds of photos to cull, edit, and deliver. Think of a mini session as a condensed version of this; they’re typically 15-30 minutes, with one location, no outfit changes, and a significantly smaller number of photos to choose from. If you are looking for free tips to ensure you have a successful mini session, you can read more about it in this post.

The great way about the mini session is that You can schedule this kind of photography event at any time of the year. 

Summer is probably the best time to schedule an outdoor mini session and in today's post, I will share a few of my faves Summer Mini Session ideas for any Child Photographer.

30 Summer Mini-Session Ideas for Child Photographers

  1. Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions
  2. Watermelon Mini Sessions
  3. Strawberries Farm Mini Sessions
  4. CampingMini Sessions
  5. Sparklers Mini Sessions
  6. FireworksMini Sessions
  7. Patriotic/4th of July Mini Sessions
  8. Sunflowers field Mini Sessions
  9. Tulips field Mini Sessions
  10. Flower Market Mini Sessions
  11. Wildflowers meadowMini Sessions
  12. Wild Red Poppies Mini Sessions
  13. Sunset/golden hour sessions
  14. Animal farm Mini Sessions
  15. Old truck Mini Sessions
  16. My Pet & Me Mini Sessions
  17. Balloons Mini Sessions
  18. Tea party Mini Sessions
  19. Picnic Mini Sessions
  20. Candy Shop Mini Sessions
  21. Ice Cream Mini Sessions
  22. Beach/lake Mini Sessions
  23. Superhero Minis Mini Sessions
  24. Mermaid Mini Sessions
  25. Little princess Mini Sessions
  26. Enchanted forest Mini Sessions
  27. Fairy tale Mini Sessions
  28. Bubbles and Rainbows Mini Sessions
  29. Unicorn Mini Sessions
  30. Flower Swing Mini Sessions

I thought I would share beautiful mini session inspiration, all Courtesy of Iga Logan Photography.


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