Camera - 120 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

120 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

Struggling to keep your blog updated? Or you just starting out and looking a fresh new blog post ideas?

In this post I will share my 120 Blog Post Ideas for any busy Photographer. This is a whole year of blogging or years, if you are into more relaxed and selective blogging.

120 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

  1. All about me post.
  2. Your photography journey/how it all started.
  3. What's in my bag.
  4. My photography bucket list.
  5. What inspires you to photograph.
  6. Why I use this lens.
  7. How I edit my photos.
  8. Photography classes and workshops I attended.
  9. Day in life of photographer.
  10. How I plan my photography session
  11. What to do before each session-tips for parents/brides/models etc.
  12. Why I love photographing kids.
  13. Tips for parents with small kids before session.
  14. My workplace/studio tour.
  15. My favorite locations for a family session.
  16. 4 seasons + favorite locations for portrait session.
  17. My photography goals this year.
  18. Favorite local vendors I worked with last year.
  19. My first photography session.
  20. Personal photography project.
  21. Photographing own kids tips.
  22. 365 photography project.
  23. 52 photography project.
  24. How to find models.
  25. Working with models tips.
  26. My favorite time of the day to shoot portrait and why.
  27. Golden hour photography tips.
  28. Mobile photography tips.
  29. How I edit my pictures on mobile phone/apps I use.
  30. My latest family vacation.
  31. Places I visited over Summer.
  32. Camera bag I can't live without.
  33. My favorite photography books.
  34. Favorite photography movies.
  35. How to feel comfortable during a session.
  36. My everyday images.
  37. Session with my dog.
  38. 10 mistakes I made.
  39. 10 best decisions.
  40. Why you should print your pictures.
  41. Where to print your pictures.
  42. Show before/after pictures.
  43. Show color/BW version of pictures.
  44. Frequently asked questions answered.
  45. Behind-the-scene photos of recent your session.
  46. Best location for any type of session.
  47. What to bring for a session with me.
  48. My Sunday, show some personal photos.
  49. What inspires me.
  50. Best poses for a family pictures.
  51. Your maternity session- what to wear.
  52. How I build my portfolio.
  53. Session idea-mood board.
  54. What I'm doing when I'm not working.
  55. Blog press.
  56. Review your favorite photography product.
  57. What I'm listen when editing your session.
  58. Announce upcoming mini session offer.
  59. How to choose best images.
  60. Pricing information.
  61. Who is your ideal client.
  62. Photography products I offer.
  63. My most challenging shoot.
  64. Video Blog.
  65. Blog post swap with a photographer friend.
  66. What to expect after session.
  67. How I communicate with my customers.
  68. Best places for a romantic engagement session.
  69. Blog about safety during your session.
  70. Feature local vendor.
  71. My best images of the year.
  72. Client testimonials.
  73. Posts about Holidays through the year.
  74. Posts about Holiday special offer through the year.
  75. Wall display examples.
  76. Favorite photography quotes
  77. Importance of being on the pictures.
  78. Quotes in pictures.
  79. Instagram and why I love it.
  80. Day in life of a dog in pictures
  81. Memory keeping why it's important.
  82. What colors my camera like the most - tips what to wear.
  83. How I will photograph your special event.
  84. Why I love specific type of photography.
  85. Tips for macro photography.
  86. Self portrait tips.
  87. What I learned this year/month.
  88. Me in 5 years, my goals.
  89. Kids in motion - tips.
  90. Favorite photography magazines.
  91. Recent session.
  92. Family photography session checklist.
  93. Gift ideas for photographers.
  94. Documenting your own life, tips.
  95. How I choose the best images and create your gallery.
  96. Tutorial how-to.
  97. Photography props where I buy them.
  98. Why I'm not using photography props.
  99. Photographer I love- interview.
  100. Worst time of the day to shoot and why.
  101. My photography secrets.
  102. Run a contest or giveaway.
  103. Kids friendly locations for a shoot in your area.
  104. Make post with the list of your previous blog post, keep a theme.
  105. How to look good in photos tips.
  106. Lifestyle photography session tips.
  107. What all parents should know before a session.
  108. My favorite themed photo sessions.
  109. How to pick photos for your family album.
  110. What you should ask me before a session.
  111. Importance of light, how I pick the right one.
  112. Things I wish I had know before specific session.
  113. My best photography purchase review post.
  114. Travel photography tips.
  115. Recent photography crush, share your favorite photographers on Instagram.
  116. Describe your perfect session.
  117. Photography of the town I live in.
  118. Share your opinion about photography trend.
  119. Favorite thing of being photographer.
  120. Reasons you blog.
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