Valentine's Day Bundle, Red Rose Petals and White Feather Overlays

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A beautiful Bundle Offer, perfect for any Valentine's Day Photo.

Red Rose Falling Petal Photo Overlays and White Feather Photo Overlays in one digital download.

Real, quality red rose petals, perfect for any VD portrait to add this little something extra.
- 20 real red rose falling petals, ready to place over the pictures
- 11 real red roses petals, perfect if you like to create your own overlay
all 300 dpi, many sizes.

-20 photo overlays - both PNG and JPG images(don't forget to change the mode of the overlay layer from Normal to Screen when applying).
300 dpi each, about 20x14in size.

Very easy to use - simply place the overlay on top of your image and that's it! You can mask off this part of the overlay layer that you don't want to see. Will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP)
Perfect for your studio shots or any on-location photos.
You can mix & match the overlays to get even more unique looks, the possibilities are endless!.

Personal Use/Pro Photographers ok
Beautiful Photography Courtesy of Iga Logan Photography
Each of the photo overlay can be easy resized to fit bigger or smaller images. Some basic knowledge of Photoshop and working with layers is needed to be able to make all the changes and use these photography tools properly.

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