Summer Haze Photo Overlays

Summer Haze Photo Overlays & PS Actions


 - 11 Summer Haze Photo Overlays & PS Actions

Add some special Color Haze to your pics this Summer, with these easy to use Photo Overlays

Photo Overlays will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP)

Wonder how to use them?

Simply drag & drop these images on your photos, try different blending modes and play with the opacity.

You can also change the color of these overlays by adjusting hue/saturation adjustment layer. Don't be affraid to mix & match them, just have fun !


Photoshop Actions wil work with PS CS3+ & Adobe CC OK!

Each action is user friendly and stackable, you will be able to tweak each layer (these action won't flatten your image ! ) so you will get full artistic freedom with your editing. You can mix and match the actions, blend colors, hazes and tones !

*** Our Photoshop Action has been tested with PS CS3+ and Adobe Creative Cloud.

They will work with PS CS3 and above & Adobe Creative Cloud.

*** Will your actions work on older versions of PS and or PSE?

We are not offering PS Elements version of these Actions at this moment, so sorry.
We can't guarantee that each of these actions will work with older versions of PS CS.

*** Kimla Designs & Photography Photoshop Actions has been tested only with the English version of Photoshop CS3+ and Adobe CC.

*** Our actions work great on both Mac & PC

*** Please contact Kimla Designs & Photography with any questions, thank you !