Annabella Film Emulsion Presets for Lightroom and ACR

Annabella Film Emulsion Presets for Lightroom and ACR

Works great with both indoor and outdoor images with lots of greens or natural background. They will keep this beautiful film tones. Perfect for outdoor wedding portraits, still life photography, nature photography and more. Very versatile.

You will find in this pack 3 Lightroom Presets

  • Annabella Film Clean Preset - clean, crispy look, softly desaturated greens and hazy highlights
  • Annabella Film Faded Preset - faded, desaturated greens with the clean emulsion look
  • Annabella Film Matte Preset - beautiful soft green hazy tones and delicate matte emulsion

You will find there Annabella Workflow Presets pack, with 22 Helper Presets.

  • Annabella Clean Edit Preset
  • 3 Color Correction Presets - Fix Reds, Fix Yellows, Enhance Blues
  • 2 Exposure Presets - Exposure Up Soft, Exposure Up More
  • Contrast Soft Preset
  • 2 Highlights Correction Presets 
  • 2 Grain Presets
  • Noise Reduction Presets
  • Sharpen Preset
  • 2 Shadows Presets
  • 2 Vignettes Presets
  • 2 White Balance Correction Presets
  • Reset All Settings Preset

Installation Instruction included.

Please note these are .xmp Presets, they will work with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Camera RAW and Adobe Lightroom CC. Please make sure your software is updated.

Annabella Golden Presets are not correcting White Balance and Exposure as each image is different. If you are having trouble with these settings you should check our Annabella Workflow Free pack included in your download.

All images in the previews were edited with one click from RAW, no other changes were made.

Please check additional previews before purchase. You can find more examples HERE.

They will work with RAW files and JPG's with few limitations. They can be used on both MAC and PC.

Due to the digital nature of these products all sales are final. You are purchasing one licence - any sharing or reselling is prohibited. You agree to these terms upon purchase.