White Blossom Spring Photo Overlays for Photographers

Apple Blossom Photo Overlays. Create a dreamy, delicate spring look in seconds, with many different blossom borders, falling petals, and flowers.

There are 80 white apple blossom photo overlays inside this, each in 300 dpi, different sizes, each can be resized to fit bigger or smaller photos.
Saved as transparent PNG files and JPG images, so don't forget to change the mode layer from Normal to Screen when applying them.
You will find a selection of falling white petals, white dreamy overlays, blossom branches, flowers, petals, and soft painted overlays.

Please check additional previews and see more examples of these overlays in use.
Will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP).

Personal Use / Pro Photographer PROFESSIONAL USE.