How to create Matte Effect in Photoshop Free Tutorial

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This tutorial explains how to create beautiful Matte Effect in Photoshop. We are going to use Adjustment Layer tools only. Please take a look.

You can find Adjustment Layers button at the bottom of the Layers Pannel - little circle at the bottom, half black/half white little circle.

1. Click Adjustment Layer button and select Curves from the Menu. 


2. When the Curves box pops up, apply RGB curve similar to the one shown below.

* depends on the pics both Input and Output can be lower or higher 

3.Once again click Adjustment Layer button but this time please select Solid Color.

When the new box Color Picker pops up select chocolate brown colour {#5948c} and click OK. Now you should change the blend mode of this layer for Soft Light and lower opacity for about 25-27%.

4.You will notice now beautiful matte look. If your image needs more contrast once again click Adjustment Layer button and select Brightness/Contrast and set Contrast to 9.

5.If you like less warm look simply adjust Saturation for about -6. Once again pick Adjustment layer button and pick Hue/Saturation from the Menu.

This is how our image looks like now. You can download Free Matte Effect PS Action  here

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here. If you have any questions about our editing tools feel free to post them in the comments below.

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