White Blossom Free Photoshop Editing Tutorial

In this short Photoshop Tutorial I'm going to show you how to create beautiful, warm spring effect, using hand edit and Dreamy Blossom Overlays.

There are no expensive Photoshop Actions involved here, just few really basic Photoshop Layer adjustments. This tutorial has been created with Adobe Photoshop CC but you can really use any other software supporting layers.

 Let's get started with before and after pictures.

This picture has been shot in RAW, so it was really easy to correct white balance, exposure and highlights. I opened this picture in Camera RAW and warmed up Color Balance a little, lowered Highlights and lifted up Shadows.

After this basic correction I opened the picture in Photoshop CC.
I made few adjustments, mostly with the help of Layer Adjustment tools. I added more light, contrast and warm tones. I also made whites more whiter and bottom of the picture more darker, all with the layers tools. You can see below how my picture looked like after these steps.

I merged all layers and added Dreamy Blossom Overlays.

This is how my final picture look like.

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