We all love beautiful, colourful photographs, especially this time of the year when all the meadows are starting bloom and orchards are full of delicate flowers. When editing my Spring photos I'm always into more pastel, hazy look I must say, but I absolutely love just a little bit of color pop in time to time.

This is how newest Painted Spring Wildflowers overlays works - they will give you this extra bold look. I used super soft brushes when painting these overlays and try to blend all gorgeous Spring tones and shades.

Few examples of before and after overlays edit. You can see how easy you can completely change the color palette and mood of your photos. All by simply following ''drag & drop method''.

Let's take a look at before/after photos.
Thank you Iga Logan Photography for the gorgeous photos in this product previews.

Wonder about Painted Photo Overlays? You are not sure where to start, how to apply them and if they will work with your photos?

Please read Photoshop Painted Overlays FAQ's answered post here.

Would you like to try our painted overlays before spending some $$$?

There are many quality product samplers on our blog, but I think this Free Pastel Spring Painted Overlay would be a good start.

March 08, 2020 — Kimla

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