How to achieve Pastel Spring Effect with Photo Overlays quick Photoshop CC Tutorial

How to achieve Pastel Spring Effect with Photo Overlays quick Photoshop CC Tutorial

Spring is here and after snowy, darker days I'm always looking for a more fresh look in my editing. I absolutely love all the delicate, pastel effect and today I'm going to show you how to achieve it very quickly in Photoshop.

I'm going to use a few photo overlays from the Pastel Spring Painted Overlays pack.
Why overlays? Mainly because they are very easy to use and I'm able to mix a few effects to get something really unique.

All the images in this post are courtesy of talented Iga Logan Photography. If you are looking for more inspiration you should check Iga's FB page for sure.

I'm applying photo overlays using Photoshop CC but all the steps can be easily followed when using any other software supporting layers.

I'm also using ''drag & drop'' method when applying each overlay.

If you are not sure where to start with Photo Overlays this Free Guides should be helpful.

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The before picture is wonderful but I tried one overlay in delicate blue tones with tiny soft petals on top and it changed the look for more airy and dreamy. What do you think?
Here it's a perfect example of dreamy, pastel background, also one overlays from the Pastel Spring painted pack. I just applied this overlay over the picture and mask off area over the boy and crate. Easy.
In this ''before/after'' we have more green tones and some little pastel touch. Once again only one overlay applied.
Here I applied a few different overlays, soft blue tones, pink and mix of green and yellow haze. I masked off overlays over a little girl and change the opacity of the green/yellow overlay for a soft light.
As you see all these before images are wonderfully edited by Iga Logan Photography  - all clean edit and color correction has been made first. Overlays are just little additions. Remember to make your images ready before applying photo overlays.

Photo Overlays are not magical fixers, they won't correct bad pictures for you, but when applying correctly, they are able to magically enhance your work and make it even more unique, more You.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can always leave a comment below or contact me through the Contact form on our website.
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