Plant - Complete Guide to Photoshop Overlays

Complete Guide to Photoshop Overlays

 In this Complete Guide you will learn everything you need to know about Creative Photoshop Overlays.

What are the Photoshop Overlays?

Creative Photo Overlays are usually PNG.'s or JPG's images that you apply on top of your images. They can totally change the look of your images or be just a little  addition to them. With overlays you can apply all elements your images are missing - like butterflies, soap bubble, bokeh lights, rain drops, fluffy snow or falling leaves.

How apply Photoshop Overlays?

There is no special tricks here! Even if you know Photoshop on a very basic level, you can simply create magic with overlays.You can apply them with the help of any software supporting layers.The best results you will get if you apply them just after Photoshop clean edit/before any other creative edit.

  1. Open your picture and overlay first.
  2. Simply drag & drop overlay into your picture (change layer mode and opacity of the overlay if needed. If your overlay has been saved on a transparent PNG file you can keep Normal layer mode - just check opacity and lower it if it's too dark or duplicate overlay layer if it's too light. If your overlays is a JPG on a black background you should change mode of the layer for Screen one. You can rotate your overlay, change position, make it more blurred, lighter or darker.You can mask off some parts of the overlay you don't need or simply mix few of the overlay.
  3. At the end you can simply merged all the layers and continue with your creative edit.

We created beautiful gallery here, please take a look and be inspired


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